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Monday, July 30, 2012

Babylon (Psalm 137: 1,2,4)

Babylon is a place of Jewish sorrow. Forcibly exiled from our homeland, we are taunted and teased by our captives who want us to sing our songs of joy. But we cannot sing when our home is in ruins and we are now exiled. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Al Naharote Bavel Psalm 137; 1,2,4 1. By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and we wept as we remembered Zion. 2. Upon the willows on its banks we hung up our harps. 4. But how shall we sing the song of our L-rd on foreign soil? Al na-ha-rote Ba-vel, al na-ha-rote Ba-vel, al na-ha-rote Ba-vel Sham ya-shav-nu, sham ya-shav-nu sham ya-shav-nu gam ba-khee-nu B’zakh-ray-nu, b’zakh-ray-nu, b’zakh-ray-nu, b’zakh-ray-nu et Tsion Al a-ra-vim, al a-ra-vim, al ara-vim b’to-kha Ta-lee-nu, ta-lee-nu, ta-lee-nu keenoro-tay-nu Ekh na-shir, ekh na-shir et shir HaShem Ekh na-shir et shir HaShem al ad-mat neh-khar. Oh….. Al na-ha-rote Ba-vel, al na-harote Ba-vel, al na-ha-rote Ba-vel…---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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