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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tashlich 5772 in Gloucester

The water was calling me. I needed to get to the water but it had to be the ocean. I invited a few friends to observe "Tashlich" together in Gloucester by the sea. I packed a few siddurim, some additional texts, a few more texts, and some bread for the occasion. As we stood by the shore a single seagull came by and watched us and enjoyed a swim in the water.
We recited the prayers and blessings out loud while sharing some information about the tradition.
Finally we threw our bread crumbs, together with our "sins", our wrongdoings and transgressions against G-D, into the sea. As the bread crumbs appeared so did a flock of seagulls seemingly appearing out of nowhere. We had to laugh as we tried to cast away our sins into the water without the seagulls gobbling them up! L'Shanah Tovah v't'katayvu!

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